Contact Information:
Beverly: 603-941-4947

Shana: 603-539-1967

String Equinox

Announcement and New Websites! Seth Austen has transitioned to Shana Aisenberg. This website will remain for a while as an archive, but is not being updated regularly. For up to date information on our duo, String Equinox, please visit our new duo website at stringequinox.com.

Beverly has a website at beverlywoods.net and Shana has a new website at shanasongs.com.

Hear us on NHPR's Folk Show here.

Video and lyrics of Shana's song Bake Sale are on this page.

Beverly's song: NH Medicaid Expansion Waltz (Healthcare For All) - video and lyrics here.

Beverly's song: Kindergarten is to Blame - video and lyrics here.
Video and lyrics of Beverly's song on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster are on this page. You can listen to or download an mp3 of this song here.