Contact Information:
Beverly: 603-941-4947

Shana: 603-539-1967

Instruments in the hammered dulcimer family:

Beverly plays a number of kinds of hammered dulcimers.. The hammered dulcimer is one of the more ancient folk instruments, and is found across most of the northern hemisphere, with different tunings, names, and playing styles in different countries.

Most common in the USA is an instrument like this one, beautifully made by Nick Blanton of West Virginia. This is the dulcimer Beverly uses most for Celtic and Appalachian music.

Beverly also has a Linear Chromatic dulcimer built by James Jones of Virginia. See pictures and tuning of the LC at James' website.

as well as a santouri built to order for a Greek musician, by Sam Rizzetta

and a tsimbl built by Jozef Jankowski of Buffalo, NY. This is the tsimbl heard on Wolf Krakowski's "Goyrl" CD (Tzadik). It has a cypress soundboard, giving it a rich, dark tone. I may soon be offering this one for sale, so if you are interested, please email me. See a photo of Beverly playing the Jankowski tsimbl during the recording of Goyrl here.

In 2002, Beverly collaborated with Janes Jones to make an affordable, portable student tsimbl design. You can now purchase these instruments from James for extremely reasonable prices. We're working on the larger model now. See the student tsimbl here.

Want to see more tsimbls? Check out the tsimbl page.