Medicaid expansion waltz

Beverly Woods, accordion, Shana Aisenberg, mandolin

CHORUS: We need healthcare for everybody, healthcare for all
Hear us O Senators, this is no time to stall
Everybody needs healthcare, if not now, someday
This is our chance let’s not fritter it away

Now we all love NH and I think it is great
The pride and self-reliance we have in this state
But our motto is changing and I don’t know why
“Live free, no healthcare, we don’t care if you die.”

In the Union Misleader Bradley writes to complain
The Affordable Care Act is an oncoming train
Well I hope that train’s coming for you and for me
How else we’ll get coverage I really can’t see

You have made of our healthcare a political show
No matter how much sense it makes, some have to say NO!
If you don’t pass the Medicaid expansion today
When care’s uncompensated, then how will you pay?

We’ve all heard of death panels where someone decides
They’ll deny coverage, though people may die
Well I found that death panel, they’re meeting upstairs,
Come on inside and let’s show them we care.

©2013 Beverly Woods

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Shana: 603-539-1967