Contact Information:
Beverly: 603-941-4947

Shana: 603-539-1967

Luthiers whose instruments we play:

Seth plays a fiddle by violinmaker Jon Cooper of Gorham, Maine.
Seth plays a bouzouki/octave mandolin made by Robert Abrams of Trillium Instruments, and a mandola by Will Kimble.
Seth plays Collings mandolin and guitar, and a Circa guitar by John Slobod.
Seth plays a baritone fretted dulcimer made by longtime friend Jerry Rockwell.

Beverly plays a fabulous hammered dulcimer made by Nick Blanton of West Virginia. Nick also carved the head of Beverly's hurdy gurdy. The hurdy gurdy was built by Matthew Szostak of Camden, Maine.
Beverly also plays a Linear Chromatic hammered dulcimer made by James Jones of Virginia, as well as a James Jones bouzouki.
Lee Morton's Piano Shop
is where Beverly got her amazing 1886 Steinway B grand. Lee specializes in restoring older pianos, and has 3 barns full of pianos in North Sandwich, a few miles up the road.

Other Links

We teach individual music lessons at Vintage Fret Shop in Ashland, NH. They have a great selection of new and used stringed instruments, and you can see many of them on their website, which Beverly designed and maintains.

Mel Bay Publications has published two books by Seth, Bottlenecking Blues and Beyond and Fingerstyle Collection, and included arrangements by Seth in Fingerstyle 2000 and Mandolin 2000 and Beverly in Hammered Dulcimer 2000. More books are on the way. Check out Mel Bay's site for more information on these and their complete line of musical instruction books.

Seth teaches every summer at the National Guitar Workshop. For information on the summer program, you can visit their site.

Beverly and Seth, along with August Watters and Nancy Harrowitz, founded the Cape Cod Mandolin Camp in 2005

Seth and Beverly use and highly recommend Amazing Slow Downer for transcribing tunes.
Seth and Beverly use Wegen picks.
Seth and Beverly use G7 capos, check them out, they're really cool.
Seth uses a Bailey mandolin strap.
Visit the mandolin cafe website, center of the online mandolin universe.
Green Jungle Audio can convert your LPs (remember those?) and cassettes to CD and mp3.